FonikLab is a music and entertainment company established by a South African house music producer & DJ, DysFonik in 2021. The establishment came about as an idea to incorporate all projects by DysFonik. These include; Online store (music production tools), music production academy, live events, music services (i.e. DJing, mixing & mastering , ghost production, consultation, etc), merchandise, etc.

Music Production Store
Our music production store has all the basic tools that a producer needs. These include Sound packs , drumkits , presets , and FL studio projects.
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Our FonikLab merchandise is coming soon with various amazing designs available in your favorite colors.
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FonikLab Radio

Our radio channel is hosted on YouTube and has been running since 2020 with an average reach 5000 Subscribers. 

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Record Label

Altitude of House Music is our active record label and has been operating since 2018. The label has worked with over 20 artists.

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All Services

Our services are proven to adhere to elegance and great quality

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Let Numbers To Speak

Our radio is currently operational on YouTube and listeners are indicated by subscribers (over 10 000). We have also sold music production tools to over 500 happy customers through our store. Our record label has managed to release for over 20 artists. With all of this venters, we have gained traffic and brand interest in over 15 countries.