Dysfonik is an up and coming house producer and DJ from Limpopo (Thohoyandou) but is most active in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Which genre does he specialize in?

'I refer to it as Intergalactic music due to its outspread composition. Given that I am a versatile producer, I end up fusing many different subgenres, mainly electronic house music, into one song hence I fail to pinpoint which genre the song is. These include, afro house, deep house, afro tech, deep tech etc. So, I prefer to use the term Intergalactic music, referring to music that is out of this world.'- DysFonik

When did his passion for music start?

His passion for music started at an early age, but he began to channel effort to DJing at the age of 15 (2012), playing only with a virtual DJ software, trying out Disc Jockey. He later mastered the skill of DJing in 2015. He then slowly channeled his passion to learn music production in 2017 and released his first official EP (Intergalactic Music) in 24 May 2019.

What makes his sound unique?

DysFonik's signature lies on the way he layers up his leads to give a groovy melody, adding on to the mixture, he adds punchy log drums (bass) that many refer to as 'nostalgic bass'.